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Ideal Electric spends lots of time training it's licensed electricians on home safety and electrical safety every year. We also do extensive research in order to better serve you and your needs. All work in accordance with the National Electric Code. We gather our expertise from many approved resources, here are just a few:

www.ESFI.org - Electrical Safety Foundation
www.NFPA.org - National Fire Protection Agency
www.IsMyPanelSafe.com - Electrical Breaker Box
www.usfa.dhs.gov - United States Fire Administration Site
http://www.mecanews.com - Massachusetts electrical contractors association.

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Scan our Van!!!

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When you see our vans on the street, look for the QR code. If you have a smart phone, you can scan it and be taken directly to our website!!


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Russ Cooper of Ideal Electric!!

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Russ Cooper has been with Ideal Electric for over 10 years.

He was a apprentice, then got his journeymen’s license and became a crew leader.

He has since received his master’s license and is now a project manager.

Well liked by clients, Russ understands that getting the job done requires partnering with our clients and clearly communicating during all aspects of the project.

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